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You  only need to
show up, we do the rest

No regime. We tailor the session according to all fitness levels. All you need is to be able to run around 6.0-6.5 min per km. We have a separate group for beginners.

Running at the Beach

You can book the session on the same day,  nevertheless to get the best experience reserve your spot and pay for participation at least a day before as we tailor sessions on booking data.  No refunds are possible.


Wednesdays are reserved for beginners starting from Cibona Tower. Within 45 minutes we will combine stretching, jogging, walking and running. 

Go to the map to see locations and start times. 

Runner Stretching Legs


Running is not recommended if you have injuries. If, during the session, you start to feel pain we strongly recommend stopping to prevent damage. Our leaders will attend to you but neither they personally or the community hold any responsibility.

Leg Stretch

Relax, calm your mind and learn to love running with us.

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