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Starting on 19 March 2024 in Zagreb

Enjoy the slow runs with us

A community that will make you fall in love with running by running slowly. No speed goals, no regime, no boring routes.


We promote running at a slow conversational pace. Leave the planning and pacing  to us and just enjoy the run. 


Low speed

Guided sessions at a conversational pace (around 6.0 - 6.5 mins per km).  Beginners have separate sessions


Sessions fit participants of different  fitness levels and drop-off points are near public transportation

Drop-in based

Pay participation for sessions you actually show up for, no memberships

Diverse routes

Every session is different going through the city and parks. We stop for rest, water and views

Once a week

We motivate consistency.  After office hours, no delay

Build your stamina

Proven training methodology to build your aerobic base and overall fitness




Drop-in for all who want to start loving their runs. Start from one of our 3  locations.

For joggers, seasoned runners and come-back runners

Drop-in based participation

Pace yourself during runs

Find motivation

Enjoy the company

per training



Join the Employee Engagement Partnership Program.  Buil the sense of community.

Offer employees a tailored price

New benefit system

For joggers, seasoned runners and come-back runners

Drop-in based participation


Weekend specials

For joggers, seasoned runners and come-back runners

Drop-in based participation

Stretching and mobility

Weekend, in the morning

City center, from main square

per training

Tailored runs with stretching, mobility exercises and speed increase intervals. These sessions are not regular. Follow our social media for updates. 

Running guide

 Hi, I'm Maja Šnajdar. Like you, I enjoy running at a slower pace since 2017. Discovering Heart Rate Monitor and Zone 2 training transformed my running experience. With less pain and no frustration, now, I truly love every moment of my runs.

Forever thankful to my dear friend, the All-Is-Fine- Marathon-Runner.



Starting on 19 March 2024

Join the community

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Welcome to the slow running community!

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